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AOI by ClumsyBlunder AOI :iconclumsyblunder:ClumsyBlunder 6 0 Swamp Serenity by ClumsyBlunder Swamp Serenity :iconclumsyblunder:ClumsyBlunder 5 0 Wave of Madness by ClumsyBlunder Wave of Madness :iconclumsyblunder:ClumsyBlunder 4 3 Children of the Calla by ClumsyBlunder Children of the Calla :iconclumsyblunder:ClumsyBlunder 7 8
He Said, She Said
They said we gave up early;
That if it's worth the fight,
then we should make it worthy.
In truth i am a coward;
Afraid of who we were,
of feelings and of beauty.
In truth you are a dreamer;
With dreams that don't come true,
and words not meant to be.
They said,
"Such tragedy;
A shame on happy endings,
An unborn eulogy."
You said,
"You wasted both our time
with speechless melody.
Why didn't you just tell me,
your secrets from the start."
I said,
"You stole what once was mine,
the glass i kept inside me.
Why didn't you just keep it,
the glass that was my heart."
:iconclumsyblunder:ClumsyBlunder 0 0
Fresh Blood by ClumsyBlunder Fresh Blood :iconclumsyblunder:ClumsyBlunder 2 0 A Study in Blood by ClumsyBlunder A Study in Blood :iconclumsyblunder:ClumsyBlunder 12 11
I walk the path of the ordinary;
And everyday I feel the blues
And you are ever so true
But all I see is a glazed mirror
With my reflection so white and weary.
I walk the path of the untrodden soil;
And everyday I woke in red
And you are ever so very sad
But all I see is an open mirror
And what I see just gazed back in horror.
I walk the path of the non-existent;
And everyday I see you
And you are never really there
And still I see a broken mirror
Searching for you everywhere.
:iconclumsyblunder:ClumsyBlunder 1 1
Tell Me A Story by ClumsyBlunder Tell Me A Story :iconclumsyblunder:ClumsyBlunder 38 12 A Melody for Teddy by ClumsyBlunder A Melody for Teddy :iconclumsyblunder:ClumsyBlunder 36 12 Watchtower by ClumsyBlunder Watchtower :iconclumsyblunder:ClumsyBlunder 15 6 Booyah by ClumsyBlunder Booyah :iconclumsyblunder:ClumsyBlunder 16 4 The Only Exception by ClumsyBlunder The Only Exception :iconclumsyblunder:ClumsyBlunder 3 4 Rose, Rose by ClumsyBlunder Rose, Rose :iconclumsyblunder:ClumsyBlunder 138 38 A Beautiful Spring by ClumsyBlunder A Beautiful Spring :iconclumsyblunder:ClumsyBlunder 173 34 The Magic Flute by ClumsyBlunder The Magic Flute :iconclumsyblunder:ClumsyBlunder 15 6
Welcome~ :XD:


the loish brushset by loish the loish brushset :iconloish:loish 19,324 431 Above by morgansketch Above :iconmorgansketch:morgansketch 246 22 Cloudy Day by morgansketch Cloudy Day :iconmorgansketch:morgansketch 196 25 Hello by morgansketch Hello :iconmorgansketch:morgansketch 229 33 OC_BlueRain by BlueeRain OC_BlueRain :iconblueerain:BlueeRain 19 7 He Gave Me The Brightest Star by borda He Gave Me The Brightest Star :iconborda:borda 6,301 317 Blondie (Clint Eastwood) by Lillidan86 Blondie (Clint Eastwood) :iconlillidan86:Lillidan86 18 5 nein horsman by erebun nein horsman :iconerebun:erebun 1,637 21 Nicely napping by marustagram Nicely napping :iconmarustagram:marustagram 2,091 191 If I could save time in a bottle by foureyes If I could save time in a bottle :iconfoureyes:foureyes 3,997 228 Dancing Under the Blue Sky by Matthias-Haker Dancing Under the Blue Sky :iconmatthias-haker:Matthias-Haker 1,363 40 Tulip by redKat120 Tulip :iconredkat120:redKat120 191 8
breaking a writer's heart.
never break a writer’s heart
because your name
will forever belong to us.
you will sign it
into every broken bit
and one day, you’ll open a book
with yourself
next to the words
"let me tell you about the time
i was hurt."
never break a poet’s heart
because between the beat
of the stanzas,
you’ll hear that heartbeat,
hammering harder
proving you wrong
with every line.
never break a writer’s heart
because we will take the pain
and make it into something
you could never live down.
you could live with heart monitors,
that measured the damaged pulse,
doctors who told you,
“she's critical.”
but you can’t live with the bold strokes,
smooth as a flatline,
that accuse you of being
the best thing
that’s ever happened to them.
you can’t live with it;
our soulmate, now writing.
You, now replaced
by a pen.
never break anybody’s heart
because you’ll cut yourself
on the pieces of it.
and see, hearts heal.
:iconcolbalt-rain:colbalt-rain 1,775 506
Girl Leaving a Bar
the wind picked pace
she could feel the sound
of the music, very
distant now
he was telling her
about his sister
fingers sliding
through her hair
like water
saying, "You remind me,"
"You remind me."
it was too early
for spring
bare branches
stir with a sudden
turn of crooked fingers
as a car passes,
shedding light
on broken glass
last night she dreamed
of lions
:iconpelicandeath:PelicanDeath 99 27
What Is Existence Someone Please Tell Me
The cashier who sold me salted peanuts says "dead animal can swim." She looks at her hands. But dead animal can't swim. It's buried in beauty and beauty floats through the air. Maybe you can bury beauty in a balloon and tie it to a mailbox. "I don't know" says the cashier while she smells the dead animal that is dead inside of her. "There is no time for these questions when there is living fire that does not yet live here." So we set to burning the gas station. We run away. We run up a hill to where music is handing out free emotions with no memories. The cashier climbs in through music's translucent body and becomes its memory. Together we sing you are not lonely, you are not lonely, you are not lonely while stars fall down through beauty and salt the burnt earth.
:iconexistencewesummonyou:ExistenceWeSummonYou 240 201
Daisies by sylverface Daisies :iconsylverface:sylverface 429 47
...and I like what I saw :D



Here's a rerendering of one of my oldest OCs, Aoi. They deserve to have a portrait at least, I think. I do miss them.

Despite her calm and gentle exterior, Aoi's is a world of turbulent changes and brilliant waves of emotions. Despite her towering height, she has an unnaturally timid personality.
Although she has every right to be proud, she is humble and submissive to boot. A walking contradiction.

I hope I have the chance to tell her story someday. Thanks for watching! :D (Big Grin) 
And hey, it's New Year again..! How time flies when you're not noticing... 

Past the year of 2016, I had taken a bold step and finally ventured into something new. Something I've always longed to do. Something I must do before I die. Let's hope it works, my little something...

In the meantime, I realized I've gone rusted from the lack of practice. Being the Jack of all trades keeps you from mastering any, so I hope I will be a little more active around here. Hopefully, just for old time's sake.

And of course, my style has diversified and degenerated into something that's neither here nor there... (Though I wouldn't say I had a proper style to begin with) Let's hope to fix it!

Have a great year ahead, everyone! 
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Swamp Serenity
It was an odd place, really. Contradicting, to say the least; For a swamp to be so still and silent... almost as if the silence could swallow you whole, and swallow you it will if you're not careful...

Careful of things that lurk in the quiet... shh... and yet fear not, for if you have not disturb its peace, neither will it disturb yours...


Study of background design and mood. I'm still far away from the race, let's hope i'll catch up! I'm still searching for a style. Pray, what style do you see in me? And how are you btw? :D (Big Grin) 


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